Friday, September 16, 2011

A Chart from the Goon Squat

While reading A Visit from the Good Squat by Jennifer Egan, I immediately realized that I would be having trouble keeping track of all of the characters.  Or not so much keeping track of them, since it's not really one story so much as lots of little interconnected ones, but remembering who was connected to who, and how.  So I started taking notes.  In the form of connection webs.  It was getting messy, and I realized that surely I was not the only one to want to do this.

And of course, I wasn't.  I found a man (and a blog post) after my own heart.  He made this:

and this:

Now isn't that satisfying in a non-spoiler kind of way?  There's more (including a list of the stories in chronological order, if you're into that kind of thing), but I'll let you check it out yourself here.  Now, to finish the rest in time for book club...

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  1. This chart makes me want to lose my mind, in a "I want to burn this book or at least throw it in the river" kind of way.