Friday, November 12, 2010

Franny & Zoey: A pictorial, plus an opinion

First, the pictorial:
the book

the hostess

the food

the found notes

Now, the opinion:

This book spoke to me. I wish I had read it as a teenager because it offers a way to synthesize faith and art in a way that I needed to hear when I was younger. Salinger finds the sacred in pursuits the church sometimes labels as secular, secondary, even selfish. The "terrible secret" is found on the second to last page. Out of context, it's unquotable. In the context of the two-part novella, it's revelatory. And he makes this revelation through the voices of our flawed & flailing protagonists. If you'll excuse me for using a church-y word, it's incarnational writing.

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1 comment:

  1. I read all of Salinger's stuff when I was in high school and later re-read it in college. There's a quality in his writing that's really evocative, and speaks particularly, it seems, to young people; although what it's evocative of is elusive, mysterious, inchoate, personal, and difficult to articulate (as just demonstrated!). In this way, in particular, I would suggest that it is akin to a "church-y" experience for many readers.